Vigo Like is a campaign within the framework of Vigo’s Tourism Competitiveness Plan jointly funded by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund, TURESPAÑA, the Office of the Secretary of Tourism of the Autonomous Government of Galicia and the Municipal Government of Vigo whose objective is to make the city of Vigo and its environs known through the foreigners residing in Vigo. These people serve as Vigo’s ambassadors, by making Vigo’s charming aspects and secrets known to their fellow countrymen.

These ambassadors become ideal messengers for promoting Vigo as a tourist destination among the people in their homelands by featuring their favorite places in the “Olive Tree City” and sharing them via internet.

The Vigo Like campaign starts in January and will run up to June 2013, during which time these ambassadors will be in charge of conveying the essence of Vigo to their homelands by way of creating their own itineraries.

All of the activities carried out for Vigo Like can be followed by way of this online space as well as in the campaign’s official Facebook page.