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A – Beaches

The Cies Islands: For those who like the beach or hiking, it is definitely worth planning a day (or half) to visit to the Cies Islands, which form an archipelago at the mouth of Vigo Bay. During the season there are several daily boats leaving from the Maritime Station of Vigo, such as the Naviera Mar de Ons (, tel.: 986 225 272), which are in charge of transportation and also to give all the necessary information about the islands, which belong to the National Park of the Atlantic Islands of Galicia. It is noteworthy, that in February 2007 the British newspaper “The Guardian” chose the beach of Rodas, located on the island of Monteagudo, as the “best beach in the world”. I recommend wearing comfortable clothes and sneakers for hiking, and for the beach, the usual things and a parasol. Perhaps a picnic, although there are several restaurants on the islands, operating during the season. The Cies Islands are a protected area and therefore the visits to the park are limited. To avoid running out of space, it is important to purchase your tickets in advance.

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Samil Beach: Samil is the largest beach in the city of Vigo. Here you can find a wide variety of services, such as restaurants, cafes, nightclubs, museums … (the Verbum – House of Words and the Museum of the Sea) and a ride equipped with swimming pools, showers, toilets, Red Cross posts, gardens, tennis and paddle, basketball, skating rinks, etc. Here you can also find one of the most beautiful hotels of the area, the Hotel Pazo Los Escudos (, tel.: 986 820820).

There is a very nice walk, along the river Lagares, which leads us to the west end of Samil. I recommend this walk to whoever enjoys hiking.
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Also … the Marina and Sailing:

Sailing: Vigo also has a marina and therefore lots of water sports. To whoever is interested in a boats license, diving course or just a simple boat ride, I recommend contacting SAILWAY, which is located in the Maritime Station of Vigo (, tel.: 986 442351).

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B – The city

The Casco Vello: This is the historic center of Vigo. Here we can find the famous square and the Pedra Market, also the Constitution Square, the Cathedral of Santa Maria, the Penzol Library and other emblematic buildings of the baroque and modern Vigo. It has recently been declared “property of cultural interest” as “historic complex” by the Xunta de Galicia.

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For those who like “shopping”, the Principe Street and its surroundings are perfect, and of course, El Corte Inglés.

I also recommend visiting the Monte Castro, from where you can have a panoramic view of the entire city and Vigo Bay, Castrelos Park with the Museum Quiñones de León, equipped with an extensive picture gallery of Galician artists.

C – Gastronomy

Without any doubt in Vigo you eat phenomenal. Vigo offers a variety of restaurants. The specialties of the bay are fish and shellfish, of course accompanied by our fine wines of the area, such as the Rías Baixas designation of origin.

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Afterwards do not miss the Vigo nightlife, in Arenal or Churruca area. Here you are offered a variety of concerts and performances that often last until dawn. Have a good time!

Relax: For me a good “relax” and health care are very important, and being next to the sea what better than the sea? So I would recommend to all of you who enjoy the warm sea water, to take a trip to the hotel & spa Talaso Atlantico (, tel. 986 385090), located just past the Faro Silleiro at the country road that leads from Baiona to Oia.


And last, but not least, a Galician poem:


Longa noite de pedra (Long night made of stone)

O teito é de pedra.
De pedra son os muros
i as tebras.
De pedra o chan
i as reixas.
As portas,
as cadeas,
o aire,
as fenestras,
as olladas,
son de pedra.
Os corazós dos homes
que ao lonxe espreitan,
feitos están
de pedra.
I eu, morrendo
nesta longa noite
de pedra.

The roof is made of stone.

Of stone are the walls

and the darkness.

The floor is made of stone

and the bars.

The doors,

the chains,

the air,

the windows,

the eyes,

are made of stone.

The hearts of the men

that lurk in the distance,



made of stone.

and I myself die

in this long night

made of stone.

Celso Emilio Ferreiro (*1912 Celanova – †1979 Vigo)


Para Vigo me voy… (I’m going to Vigo…)

We expect you here!