The contest

The Vigo Like campaign will be climaxed by three of the participants being named ambassadors of this city.

The prize awarded to each one of these three winning ambassadors will be a stay in Vigo valued at 1,000 € for whomever the selected ambassadors wish. Hence, each ambassador will be able to show the city to whomever they choose.

A panel of judges formed specifically for carrying out the Vigo Like campaign will be in charge of appointing the city’s three ambassadors. For selecting the winning ambassadors, the originality of their itineraries, as well as the number of followers and degree of dissemination plus the degree of active involvement in the Vigo Like campaign on the part of each ambassador will be taken into account.

The prizes will be awarded in June, and the ambassadors will be able to organize the stays in Vigo for whomever they wish up to August 31, 2013.

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